Holidays, Shipping

Holiday Season is upon us!


  The Holiday season offers a number of challenges for business that rely on shipping products. These challenges are compounded when business have products that are made to order such as ours.

  We offer a variety of options and sizes of almost everyone of our items. In the past we would make certain products in advance in anticipation of holiday sales. Basically guess what items we would sell and keep an inventory on hand. With increased costs (over 200% for some items) and other supply issues it has been difficult to make products in advance as we have in the past.  

  We do our very best to insure your package arrives safe and on time. Please order your Christmas gifts as soon as you can to help us insure we can get it to you in time. currently our Christmas deadline is December 12th, 2022.

  Thank you for your continued business and we hope you have a wonderful safe Holiday season.


Jason B.


Beamish Metal Works llc



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